8333 Jefferson NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113

Phone: (505) 856-8333
Fax: (505) 856-0118
Email: service@flashautoabq.com

Services Available at Flash Automotive...

Listed or not, we're here to exceed your expectations with a full line of services for all your vehicle repair needs! We provide the highest quality service for all vehicles, both foreign and domestic. If you have a question about any service we offer, or if you would like to make an appointment, please don't hesitate to contact us or stop by our shop!
  • Types of Vehicles
    • Import & Domestic: Fleet and Personal Services
    • SUV & Mini Van Specialists
    • 4x4 service & repair
  • Service
    • Walk-ins welcome
    • Appointments Available if Desired
    • Early Bird & Night Drop Check-in
    • Same-day Service in Most Cases
    • Rental Cars
  • Preventative Maintenance
    • Scheduled Maintenance
    • Tune-ups
    • Fast Oil Changes
    • Hoses/Filters
  • Major Repair
    • Major Engine Repair & Replacement
    • Complete Drive Train Repair
  • Diagnosis
    • Computer Diagnosis
    • "No-start" Experts
    • Leak Repairs
  • Engine Service
    • Carburetor Repair/Overhaul
    • Cooling Systems/Water Pumps/Radiators
    • Timing Belts/Fan Belts
    • Fuel Injection Cleaning/Repair
  • Fuel Injection
    • Carry-in Customers Welcome
    • Flushing for On-Car
    • Cleaning & Flow Bench Testing for Off-Car
    • BG Fuel Injection 3-Chemical Cleaning (improves fuel efficiency and power)
    • Fuel Injection Repair
  • Dyno Services
    • Chassis dyno available for testing, tuning & doing road cycle tests for emission reset
    • Engine tuning and testing
    • 1600 Horse Power Engine Dynometer
  • Electrical
    • Ignition Diagnosis and Repair
    • Batteries/Starters/Alternators
    • Electrical/Lights
  • Transmission
    • Transmission Service/Repair
    • Clutches/Differential Repairs
  • Brakes, Wheels etc.
    • Brakes/Shocks/Struts
    • Tire Sales/Service/Repair
    • Computerized Wheel Alignments
    • C V Boots & Axles
    • Suspension and Front-end Repair
  • Emissions
    • County Approved Emission Testing Facility
    • Emission Repair
    • Mufflers/Exhaust System
  • Safety & Comfort
    • Air Conditioning/Heater
    • Windshields/Auto Glass/Wipers
  • Informational
    • Technical Service Bulletins
    • Free Safety Inspections
    • Factory Recall Information

Flash Craft can perform all of your aftermarket mods!

Flash Craft, a sister company to Flash Automotive, can perform all of your aftermarket mods.
Flash Craft, a sister company to Flash Automotive, can perform all of your aftermarket mods.
If you're serious about having all of the best and newest aftermarket equipment for your vehicle, Flash Craft (a sister company of Flash Automotive) has the tools and experience to make sure your car is back on the road fast. As a Specialty Equipment Manufacturer's Association (SEMA) member, we carry, install and service high quality aftermarket parts. Best of all, it's in the same shop as Flash Automotive, so you can have all of your maintenance, repairs, inspections, and installations done in the same place.

Want to make an appointment?
To see our contact information, including a map to our shop, visit our contact page.

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